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Wholesale Blank Promotional Towels

Wholesale Blank Promotional Towels

This is the subcategory page for Promotional Towels. Because of the large number of products, we've further divided this subcategory into 6 additional subcategories. Use the "Navigation" box to your right ---------> to view each page.

You're probably here because you own or manage a screen printing or embroidery business and you're looking to buy wholesale blank promotional towels at cheap prices.

Or you might be a promotional products distributor looking to buy blank towels and have them shipped to your favorite decorator.

Either way, we can help. Our prices are cheap, service is excellent, and we'd be happy to ship directly to you or drop ship to a different location on your behalf.

Most of our wholesale promotional towels are velour (although some are terry). Velour towels are simply terry towels after the loops have been shirred. What's left is a short, soft stubble that's perfect for screen printing or embroidery.

As with all Factory Direct Linen products, our wholesale blank promotional towels are sold in full cases only. These towels are carton packed and ready for immediate shipment.

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