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Wholesale Bed Sheets by Thomaston Mills

Wholesale Bed Sheets by Thomaston Mills

This is the subcategory page for Wholesale Bed Sheets. Because of the large number of products, we've further divide this subcategory into 10 additional subcategories. Use the "Navigation" box to your right ---------> to view each page.   

Your choice in bed sheets says a lot about how much you value your guests. So, it's important to choose wisely.

At Factory Direct Linen, we were faced with a similar decision several years ago. We were deciding whether to offer cheap wholesale pillowcases and bed sheets OR to offer a quality product line at a slightly higher price point.

This was big decision for us because our customers consistently rank low prices among their most important criteria when choosing a wholesale linen supplier. However, we decided to pick a quality product line at a slightly higher price point.

Our reasoning was this: A small price savings just isn't worth a significant decrease in quality. The quality mill we decided to work with was Thomaston Mills. It's been a great partnership ever since.

The 10 subcategories on the following pages are all wholesale bed sheets manufactured by Thomaston Mills and distributed by Factory Direct Linen. As with all of Thomaston Mills' products, you can always count on receiving a consistent, high quality product at a fair price.

CASE PACK:  Bed sheets are sold 24 pieces/case.  All products are sold in full cases only. 



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