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Wholesale Pillowcases by Thomaston Mills

Wholesale Pillowcases by Thomaston Mills

This is the subcategory page for Wholesale Pillowcases. Because of the large number of products, we've further divide this subcategory into 3 additional subcategories: Standard, Queen, and King. Use the "Navigation" box to your right ---> to view each page.  

All wholesale hospitality & institutional pillowcases on this website are manufactured by Thomaston Mills and distributed by Factory Direct Linen.

Thomaston Mills is the nation's only domestic pillowcase and bed sheet manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the hospitality and institutional markets. Their products are first rate and affordable … we highly recommend them.

In Thomaston Mills you have an established mill you can trust that manufactures consistent, high quality products. In Factory Direct Linen you have a discount wholesale linen supplier that uses a web-based sales model to offer great products at very low prices. The combination of the two means significant added value for you. 

CASE PACK:  Pillowcases are sold 72 pieces/case.  All products are sold in full cases only.  



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