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Wholesale Bath Robes

Wholesale Bath Robes

This is the Bath Robes category page.  We've divided our wholesale bath robes into 2 subcategories: Kimono and Shawl Collar.  Use the "Navigation" menu to the right to browse these subcategories.

There's just something about bath robes that make even the most common surroundings feel more elegant and luxurious.  Isn't that the atmosphere you're trying to create at your hotel, spa, or bed & breakfast?

But to make your purchase of bath robes cost effective, you need to buy them in bulk at wholesale prices.  That's exactly what we offer you here at Factory Direct Linen.

We import our bath robes from factories overseas in full containers (think of a container the size of a railroad car filled with bath robes). We re-sell them wholesale to customers just like you on this website.  

So who buys wholesale bath robes from Factory Direct Linen? Usually hotels, spas, bed & breakfasts, retail stores, embroiderers, and promotional products distributors.

CASE PACK:  Bath Robes are sold 12 pieces/case.  All products are sold in full cases only.


Kimono Bath Robes
Shawl Collar Bath Robes

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