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Glossary - Factory Direct Linens

Make more informed decisions when buying and processing your commercial linen by mastering key industry terms.


Absorbency – The extent to which a liquid can be taken up into the pores of a fiber, yarn or fabric.

Bleeding – Loss of color by a fiber, yarn or fabric when immersed in water, a solvent, or a similar liquid medium as a result of improper dying or the use of poor quality dyes.

Binding – Narrow folded fabric sewn around a seam or edge to support, protect or change its appearance.

Blend – A yarn obtained when two or more different fibers are combined into a single yarn.

Commercial Linen – Sewn textile products manufactured to support high-volume use in a business setting (rather than the home) with a major consideration for ROI (Return on Investment) for the purchaser.

Damask – A fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers with a pattern formed by weaving.

Finishing Equipment – Machinery used to press sewn textile products free of wrinkles to prepare them for commercial use.

Jacquard Weaving – A technique used for knitting or weaving patterns into fabric (named after the French inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard, 1752-1834).

Kimono (style) – A flat collar garment in the Japanese style.

Microfiber – An ultrafine fiber of less than 1.0 denier per filament or 0.1 tex per filament, or having a diameter less than 10 microns. Microfiber is used to produce ultrasoft, lightweight fabrics.

Processing – A set of procedures used by a business to renew commercial linens from a soiled state to a properly cleaned state

Shawl Collar (style) – A combined lapel and collar where the collar is folded back against the garment.

Synthetic fibers - Man-made fibers made from a polymer that has been produced artificially, in contrast to fibers made from naturally occurring polymers. The term synthetic fibers is also used to refer to synthetic filaments.

Terry – A textile product with terry loops.

Velour (Sheared) – A textile product with the terry loops sheared off to create a soft finish.

Wholesale Linen – Sewn textile products purchased in bulk at a lower cost than retail.



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